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Auto Club


807 Northwest Network

Individuals who travel the highways and require member services Organizations who travel the information highways and require member services
Member services:
Bulk purchase of services to generate good rates for members Bandwidth buying consortium - member charter is important
Potentially - network devices, Servers, Software, Support, Other
Where it makes sense:
  • trip planning,
  • maps,
  • emergency road assistant,
  • health care,
  • travellers' cheques,
  • discount attraction tickets,
  • etc
  • identify which member services are required and how best to provide them help our members put applications on the electronic highway potential for members to pool their expertise and make it available to member organizations
  • "Emergency Road Service" for the electronic highway = what ?? Consulting ? Troubleshooting? Disaster Recovery for One Another? Redundancy? Mirror Sites? Technicians to cover our area ?
  • Demonstrating technology
  • Sharing applications
with other auto club affiliates with like groups:
  • NOCN = AdNet + SuReNet + NipNet + NeoNet
  • RNO Groups
  • ORION Group
  • K-Net
  • Contact North
  • TecNorth
  • CANARIE Group
  • MEST Programs and Projects
  • NOHFC Programs and Projects
  • NetNorth
the early auto clubs advocated for highways and services in our area we lobby for information highway construction, and even assist in the design and construction of these highways through:
  • Connect Ontario
  • New NOHFC and Fednor initiatives
  • Provincial Government Network